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Dialect Coach


I love, love, love learning and teaching new ways to sound!! Exploring a new dialect, learning about the people and their collective voice and history is so much fun.

And then getting to share that with some amazing actors is an incredible charge! Recently I’ve had the pleasure of coaching at The Ford’s Theatre in Washington DC for the critically acclaimed 1776, Violet and 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. What a great group of people to work with! Another recent highlight was coaching Jacki Weaver in Silver Linings Playbook directed by David O. Russell for which she was nominated for an Academy Award! Even better they were the most generous kind group of artists! Excelsior!



Teaching, my second professional passion, second only to acting, has come in many forms, from private coaching to teaching at the University level and everywhere in between.  My teaching career began at the University of the Arts where I had the great pleasure of working with young artists developing their vocal and acting skills teaching Voice and speech and Shakespeare as well as other courses. Over the past 25 years I have had the pleasure of teaching for The Walnut Street Theater, Wilma Theater, Mike Lemon Casting, Wickline Casting and numerous other performing arts institutions as well as maintaining a private teaching practice. I love to teach varied topics, Linklater Voice, Speech, Shakespeare, Scene study, Text analysis, accent reduction and more! I am currently studying for certification as a Chakra Dance instructor. My curiosity never stops!

Designated Linklater Voice Coach


I simply cannot say enough about  The Linklater method. It is an inspired progression of voice work that will open your voice and body in incredible ways. It has made me a better actress, teacher and person!  I utilize the core Linklater approach to explore the inherent connection between clarity of thought, relaxation and the resulting effect, clear and articulate speech. For more information, please visit 


Once you get to the point where your vulnerability is your strength, you’re in charge.             ~  Kristin Linklater  ~


Silver Linings Playbook

"It helped that Bradley is a Philadelphian. Now and again he would correct a vowel sound," she said, although she credited her "awesome" dialect coach, Susanne Sulby, with doing most of the hard work.  []

Coaching Reviews



"Susanne is the best dialect coach I've had. She is able to teach the shapes and placement of each sound not just have you repeat the sound. Great work."

AMANDA GUNTHER, DC Theater Metro Arts 

‘Violet’ at Ford’s Theatre

"In a musical where one’s roots play an important part of the story, having the proper dialects in play really helps hone the focus of the show. Dialect Consultant Susanne Sulby plucks out the intricate southern sounds for Violet, her father, and the two soldiers, each distinguished by slight differences in their patterned delivery; all of which sound genuine and slide off the tongue with a 1960’s ease. Sulby encourages the rich identifying accents to infuse the musical numbers as well, keeping a consistency with these well-developed characters."

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