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Wrestling Play Hits Where it Hurts

“…the fascinating, heartbreaking mess that is Sulby’s Aunt Bobbie.”                                             Mark Cofta


American Sligo by New City Stage a hilarious, chilling body slam

“Aunt Bobbie (Susanne Sulby) cannot remember Bobby's name; she has a kind of Mrs. Malaprop malady, confusing words but chattering on so earnestly that we feel sympathy for her - especially when she's told that her eyebrow makeup makes her look "like a surly wench at a Renaissance Faire."

Toby Zinman


Reviews for American Sligo

Uncle Tom's Cabin, A Little Night Music, Venus Fur
and American Sligo

“Susanne Sulby has a kooky charm as Aunt Bobbie…”                                                                  Tim Dunleavy


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